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$1.1M ARR -> $3.1M ARR In 12 Months

Company: HealthyCell
Founder/CEO: Douglas G.

$0 MRR -> $256K MRR In 3 Months Using A VSL & Paid Ads

Company: Popl
Founder/CEO: Jason C.

$4.2K MRR -> $31K MRR In 1 Month Using A VSL & Paid Ads

Company: Getaway
Founder/CEO: Rob M.

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For market leading businesses

We specialize in developing ethical sales strategies that remove discomfort and pressure from the selling process. Our team of sales professionals is skilled at delivering consistent and reliable results for our customers.

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First, we interview and recruit setters and closers

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Then, we train them with our knowledge and skills

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Lastly, we place them in your company to scale up

Founder/CEO: Matthew Lesiuk

Our Background

Not that it matters but over the last 4 years we have worked with 800+ companies large and small ranging from Fortune 500 companies to companies backed by Y-Combinator and Shark Tank, such as Apple, Snovio, Woodpecker, AppSumo, Popl, HealthyCell, CRMGrow, IPQualityScore, and more...

We also have the fastest growing B2B community on Fb with 3400+ founders.

Recruiting & Hiring

To reduce employee turnover, it is important to approach hiring with a sense of abundance rather than scarcity. Our process involves carefully vetting and evaluating potential candidates before you even interview them, ensuring that you have access to the best possible candidates. Additionally, we can help you build a pool of promising potential candidates and maintain a steady flow of new candidates to choose from.

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Ramp Up & Training

One of the main risks when hiring top-performing employees is the amount of time it takes for them to reach their full potential and meet their performance goals. This is known as "ramp time." The cost of having someone struggle to meet their targets can be significant. Our "on-ramp" process aims to quickly transfer the knowledge and skills needed to succeed, as demonstrated by our own success in generating 500K+ in sales, to new hires to minimize this risk.

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Ongoing Management

To become a true CEO, it is important to focus on the processes and systems that maintain and improve the efficiency of your organization. This may include daily meetings, regular check-ins, and tracking progress using dashboards. By making decisions based on data and fostering a positive work culture, it is possible to grow your sales to the high seven or even eight-figure range.

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Save time and money with ProjectScale


Option 1: Do it yourself

It will take you months or even years to first learn the strategies used to achieve $1M-$3M in ARR and even more months or years after that to actually implement those strategies.

You will fail many times with no proven strategies to follow from the start. This will result in wasted time and opportunity cost for your business.


Option 2: Apply for our growth program

Or you can apply for our ProjectScale Accelerator and add an extra $50k-$250k in MRR from hundreds of new paying customers in the next 90 days or less and be on track to scaling to $1M-$3M ARR and beyond in the next 12 months. 

This is better, faster, and cheaper than trying to solve this on your own and failing many times before you see any significant results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you coach my existing sales team?
Do the sales people you send us work for us or you?
Do you take a percentage of our sales?
Can I just hire someone myself to do this for me?
How do I know if this is for me?