We help SaaS founders scale to 7 & 8-figures using viral dynamic ads

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$15M+ total revenue generated for our clients

$430k Ad Spend -> $1.2M ARR In 6 Months Using Viral Dynamic Ads

Company: HealthyCell
Founder/CEO: Douglas G.

$0 MRR -> $256K MRR In 3 Months Using Viral Dynamic Ads

Company: Popl
Founder/CEO: Jason C.

$4.2K MRR -> $31K MRR In 1 Month Using Viral Dynamic Ads

Company: Getaway
Founder/CEO: Rob M.

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This is only for elite SaaS founders

If you desire a predictable and profitable customer acquisition system in your SaaS business that generates hundreds of new trials/demos and paying customers with ease, every month, then you’re in the right place. Here's our core concept:

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First, we create video ads & a VSL that go viral

On average our video sales letters (VSL's) convert 5%-15% of viewers into new demos every month.

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Then, we go to market & acquire customers profitably using paid ads

We reach your ideal customers directly through paid ads. Our ads and VSL get tens of thousands of new eyeballs every month.

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Lastly, we build an engaging community

This nurtures our ideal customers inside Fb groups, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, and more, which gives us ultimate leverage so they come to us.

Founder/CEO: Matthew Lesiuk

Our Background

Not that it matters but over the last 4 years we have worked with 800+ companies large and small ranging from Fortune 500 companies to companies backed by Y-Combinator and Shark Tank, such as Apple, Snovio, Woodpecker, AppSumo, Popl, HealthyCell, CRMGrow, IPQualityScore, and more... We eat our own dog food and we scaled our own SaaS from 0-1000+ users in less than 3 months.

And for whatever it matters our team has achieved the 2CC and 2CCX award from Russell Brunson's ClickFunnels team for generating a combined value of $15M+ for our clients.

Here's what you get if you're approved to work with us:

Viral dynamic ads that turn ice-cold prospects into customers

Building high-converting video ads & VSLs is infinitely more scalable than any other customer acquisition method and delivers 10x more sales opportunities than having no compelling sales argument structure.

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Inside remote sales team training to convert 10x more leads to customers

10x more demo calls booked. Leads get a call 5 mins after opting-in to the VSL, they are hot and fresh. Your video ad and VSL are still top of mind. Inside salespeople call these leads to set up longer demo calls for your closers. 

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We also help you build a community with raving fans

Creating a warm audience and then sharing marketing content daily/weekly to nurture the community into hundreds of new booked demos/trials, entirely for free. You have all the leverage since your ideal customers come to you!

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At this point, you only have two options...


Option 1: Do it yourself

It will take you months or even years to first learn the strategies used to achieve $1M-$3M in ARR and even more months or years after that to actually implement those strategies.

You will fail many times with no proven strategies to follow from the start. This will result in wasted time and opportunity cost for your consulting/high-ticket info business.


Option 2: Apply for our 90-day accelerator

Or you can apply for our ProjectScale Accelerator and add an extra $50k-$250k in MRR from hundreds of new paying customers in the next 90 days or less and be on track to adding an extra $1M-$3M ARR and beyond in the next 12 months. 

This is better, faster, and cheaper than trying to solve this on your own and failing many times before you see any significant results.

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